Meet the Team

Dr. Deb LaPaugh

Dr. Deborah
Dr. LaPaugh graduated from The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. She worked in Syracuse, New York for several years before moving to Oregon. She then worked in several animal hospitals as a relief veterinarian in Portland and Central Oregon before building LaPaw Animal Hospital in Bend, Oregon. Dr. LaPaugh has special interests in surgery and exotic animals. She has 3 dogs, 3 cats at home and 2 rabbits plus 2 cats and a rat at LaPaw Animal Hospital.. She also has chickens, turkeys and bees on the 10 acres she shares with husband Dylan.

Year In Practice: 21
Education: University of Pennsylvania
Interest: Veterinary medicine and Surgery and Lots of other fun stuff!

Dr. Angie Untisz

Dr. Angie
Dr. LaPaugh added Dr. Angie Untisz to the LaPaw Animal Hospital staff in January, 2007. Dr. Angie graduated from The Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Angie has many interests but her primary activity, of course, involves animals! She has 4 dogs and she works with them to successfully compete in herding competitions. Her medical interests include internal medicine and behavior, but she excels in all aspects of veterinary medicine.

Year In Practice: 24
Education: Ohio State University
Interest: Veterinary medicine and Surgery and Competes her dogs on sheep herding

Alicia Samples

-Office Manager-

Alicia Samples
Alicia has been Office Manager at LaPaw Animal since before it opened in 2001! Alicia is married with an adorable little girl, she also has 1 dog and a Guinea Pig at home. In her spare time (what spare time!) Alicia enjoys her family.

Year In Practice: 14
Education: Life
Interest: Communication and Order

Connie Evans


Connie Evans
Connie originally worked at LaPaw Animal hospital when it first opened in 2001. She went to work for another veterinary clinic in Bend, missed LaPaw and came back to work for us in 2009. She is married with a son. She has 1 puppy and 1 cat at home. She has a special interest in animal dentistry and looking to be certified in veterinary dentistry in the future.

Year In Practice: 6
Education: Certified Veterinary Technician
Interest: Destistry, Petsitting, Family, Skiing and Waterskiing

Michelle Leighty

-Surgery Technician-

Before coming to LaPaw Animal Hospital Michelle worked for several years at the Redmond Humane Society. Michelle has 1 dog and 2 cats. She seems to be constantly working to improve the house she bought in 2014.

Year In Practice: 7
Interest: Petsitting, Various pets, Biking and Family

Katie Wright

Katie started with LaPaw Animal Hospital as a high school intern a few years ago. She left to pursue other opportunities such as Alaska (almost), a job at a pet boarding facility and at nanny-ing. She is back at LaPaw to train as a animal technician. She, unfortunately, does not have any pets at home (do goldfish count?), but looks forward to many dogs, cats and horses in the future!

Year In Practice: 3
Interest: Horses-rodeo, Jumping, Ranching!

Taylor Buche

-Head Receptionist-

Taylor is a genius when it comes to remembering clients and their pets! Taylor has been on and off with LaPaw Animal Hospital for several years. She left to pursue other worlds (Montana is another world right?) and lucky for us, returned to Bend and to LaPaw Animal Hospital. She has a rescue cat named Bubba and a German wirehaired dog named Gertie.

Year In Practice: 6
Interest: Bubba, Zumba and Animals, Animals, Animals!

Heidi Reid


Heidi has worked on and off at LaPaw Animal Hospital since 2008. She has a busy family, 2 dogs, and a cat at home. Recently she started a pallet furniture business and can build almost anything!

Year In Practice: 1
Interest: Halloween, Crafts, Her kids, Building furniture!